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Voting For Amendment To By-Laws – Message To All Corporate Members

The Board of Directors is currently in the process of obtaining a Liquor License so Deer Creek RV Golf & Country Club can open and run the Tiki Bar. Part of this process is a requirement to amend the By-Laws to allow this to happen.

We are sending this email out to all Corporate Members, soliciting an email ballot from each Membership to get this approved. Two reasons for the email vote, 1) time, 2) cost. We need this vote to be accomplished as soon as possible. We have been advised that the email vote will meet requirements.

Approval of this Amendment will take a 2/3 approval of all Corporate Members.  With approval, the intent is to have the Tiki Bar open no later than 1 November, 2017.


Amendment to the By-laws: (This will be placed in Article XVII – Rules and Regulations)
These are the guidelines for the sale and purchase of alcoholic beverages at Deer Creek RV Golf & Country Club
Residents and guests at Deer Creek, over 21 years of age, are considered members of Deer Creek and may purchase alcoholic beverages sold within Deer Creek including but not limited to the Main Club House, Main Club House pool area, Snack Bar and Tiki Bar.
All non-residents, 21 years or older, who want to purchase alcoholic beverages must first purchase an annual membership, at the Pro Shop for five dollars ($5.00) to become a member of Deer Creek.
All alcoholic beverages to be consumed on the golf course, in Main Club House, at Main Club House Pool Area, in and in or around the snack bar area and at Tiki Bar must be purchased from Deer Creek. This includes Residents, Resident guest and Non-members who have purchased a membership; failure to follow this guideline may result in ejection from the Golf Course, Main Club House, in or around the Main Club House Pool, in or around the Snack Bar and the Tiki Bar.


The following must be accomplished for each Corporate Membership:

List each Membership #, Lot #, Owners Name, and Vote (yes or no) (Example: 1053F, 1053, Owen & Terry O’Neill, Yes)

This must be done for each membership you own; each membership must have a line and vote. Please put your Name and phone number on the email in case we need to reach you.

Send the voting email to the following address: acctasstdc@aegiscms.com

As each email is received, it will be printed and tabulated. The printed emails will be retained to certify the vote.
Once we have a two thirds positive vote we will be able to progress with the license. If there are any questions, please contact your community representative.

Thank You,
Deer Creek RV Golf & Country Club Board of Directors