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Partridge Pines Community Information

Rules for Owners, Tenants/Guests of Partridge Pines

  • Partridge Pines is a community with motor homes, travel trailers, park models, or stick built homes.
  • A visiting RV on your lot is permitted up to 14 days and then it must removed.                   
  • Cargo trailers and/or car dolly’s are allowed on a lot but must be stored far back on your lot and out of sight. They must remain on the pavement. Parking on the grass is not permitted.
  • An umbrella clothes line is permitted in the back of your lot and must be removed after clothes are dried.
  • A small Direct TV or Dish (brand name) may be used on a lot for television, or internet reception.
  • Animals must be leashed at all times and may not be left unattended outside. You must clean up after your pet. All personal animal liability will be the responsibility of the tenant/guest. Only two animals are allowed per site (2 dogs, 2 cats, or 1 dog and 1 cat. A dog may not exceed 40 pounds.
  • Golfers registered in the Pro Shop are the only people allowed on the golf course.
  • Walking, riding, or jogging on the golf course is not allowed at anytime.
  • Only two motor vehicles may be parked on a single lot at any time.
  • If you are a tenant, a key to the clubhouse, or mail box must be returned to the owner at the end of your stay in Partridge Pines. Our clubhouse has a pool, laundry facility, showers and television. They are for owners, tenants and their accompanied guests to use. A key is needed to access the clubhouse and laundry facility.
  • Deer Creek RV Golf and Country Club, Partridge Pines and lot owners are not responsible for any damage caused by the operation of the Golf Course (i.e. Golf ball leaving the golf course and striking a lot, motor home, or any other improvements).
  • A boat is allowed if given permission from the Partridge Pines HOA Board and copies given to the main office. A boat can be no more than twenty-one feet in length and must be 20 feet away from any and all roads in any direction. A boat cover is mandated and must be maintained on the boat (tarps are unacceptable). All boats must be kept on a paved pad. Cargo trailers and boats cannot be kept on the same lot.
  • The speed limit throughout the resort is 10 MPH.

General Information

If you are a homeowner renting out your lot, or a renter, please make sure the renter fills out Renters’ Registration and Owner’s information form. It will need to be turned into the administration office and kept on file. In the event of an emergency we would be able to contact the necessary parties. The form can be downloaded from the Deer Creek website. You will also find the form in the welcome packet.

The key for Partridge Pines’ clubhouse can also be used for the laundry room. If you are a renter, the person you rent from should provide you a key. If that key is not available, please go to the Ranger Station with a security deposit of $10.00 and you will be given a key for the season. Your security deposit will be returned when the key is returned to the Ranger Station.

Renters are not allowed to buy a transponder for entry into Deer Creek. If you are renting please ask the person you are renting from to use their transponder. Otherwise you will need the entry code for Deer Creek’s main gate and a second entry code for Partridge Pines. Check at the Administration Office for gate codes.

If you are an owner you will need to purchase a transponder for the gate at the administration office. Otherwise you will need to punch in a code each time.

You may use the clubhouse for personal use as long as there are no scheduled events posted for the community of Partridge Pines residents. You will need to sign up on the calendar in the clubhouse. Check with the Partridge Pines Social Director.

When leaving the clubhouse please turn off all lights and fans and return thermostat to 78 A/C. If you are the last one out please lock the doors.

Management maintains the grass on your lot. You are responsible for any landscaping, or plants you add to your lot.

Curbside garbage pick-up is offered on a daily basis, except the holidays. It should be placed by the curb in a plastic bag by 9:00 a.m. Do not put trash out the night before due to the nocturnal animals. Please recycle! We have specific dumpsters behind the Main Clubhouse for plastics, cans and cardboard. If you have any recycling questions please see Ken Wilson in Partridge Pines. Included in the welcome packet is information on what to recycle. If you need another one please ask at the administration office for a copy.

Partridge Pines has a recycling program for soda cans. There is a can crusher in the back of the clubhouse. Please crush your cans and leave them in a bag in the back of the clubhouse. It is a way for our community to earn extra money for the Social Club.

The pool is available to owners and renters in Partridge Pines. Owners and renters are responsible to cover the pool during the colder months. Please take your turn and sign up on the bulletin board in the clubhouse to cover the pool. If you want to use a pool that is not heated, feel free to go to the pool behind the main clubhouse which also has a hot tub.

No minors under the age of 18 are to be left unattended in the clubhouse pool.

The clubhouse and pool area are non-smoking areas.

Keep yourself informed of Partridge Pines events. They are posted on the Deer Creek website, the large board above the book shelves in the Partridge Pines clubhouse and on the outdoor sign in front of the clubhouse. Get to know your neighbors by signing up for upcoming events.

A calendar of events for all Deer Creek events is posted in the clubhouse and on our outdoor sign by the clubhouse. You can also go to the Deer Creek website DeerCreekRV.com to get current information.

Check the dry-erase board in the clubhouse for Partridge Pines community activities. Renters, as well as homeowners, are welcome to participate in cribbage, cards, bridge, hand and foot, sewing, pokeno and mexican train. If you don’t know how to play a game, there are people that will teach you.

The library in Partridge Pines Clubhouse is a lending library for books. Feel free to take books out to read. Books are alphabetized by author. Please return the books to the appropriate spot. Feel free to take books for the summer and return them, or replace them when you return in the fall. Books will not be missed. New titles are welcome in their place.

The administration office is the place to go for Deer Creek resident I.D. cards and covenants and by-laws for Partridge Pines.

If you are a walker please always walk on the side of the road towards the traffic.

HOA meetings are posted on the sign outside the clubhouse and in the clubhouse. HOA minutes are kept in the black binders in the library. The meetings are open to Partridge Pines homeowners only. Meetings are held once a month in our clubhouse during the winter months.