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Deer Creek : End of Season Board of Directors Update

May 24, 2017

We are into the summer season in Deer Creek. Many residents have left for the season including some of the Board Members. However, your Board will continue its work over the summer.

In our effort to continue improving our communications with the residents we have assembled this brief message to let everyone know that work continues to improve Deer Creek for our residents.

Communications will continue to be a primary focus. The Gazette will be published as scheduled in June and August.

We are happy to report that Oats Reality has signed a 1 year contract to continue service to the Deer Creek Community.

The Tiki Bar will be managed as an amenity by the Deer Creek Corporation. John Riley is our Board Liaison working with the Tiki Bar Committee with plans to have the Tiki Bar open by November 1st. Opening the Snack Bar and restaurant are not priorities for the summer work.

On the financial front, we have completed our annual financial audit with great results. We also have had our first year where we are operating in the black. Aegis has continued to provide excellent service and will continue to grow as an asset to Deer Creek RV Golf and Country Club.

There are Corporate Membership Certificates available for purchase at the Main Office.

The Corporation will be installing a chain link fence on the west side of the property north of the main entrance to separate Deer Creek from the strip mall.

Our new website will be launched soon. With the launch of the new web site, the Communications Committee and the Board are optimistic about further development and use of this tool.

There is nothing new to report on the legal actions concerning Deer Creek. We will update the Community when there is something to report.

Nothing has been scheduled yet, but we expect to have a public hearing on our Public Service Commission Application soon.

The Board has assembled a list of improvement/repair projects for the community. We will be working on them as the funds become available. This summer we are planning major repair work on the Main Clubhouse. Also, the pools in Osprey Point and Regal Pointe will be relined. The pool repairs are required by Polk County. There are many less capital intensive projects we hope to complete. You will see the results when you return.

This is a brief summary of the Board’s activities and plans. If you have some specific questions, please contact the Board representative for your community or the office.
Deer Creek Board of Directors