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Citizens Assisted Patrol – CAP


The C.A.P. program was started by the Sheriff’s Office to assist law enforcement officers in combating crime throughout the county. C.A.P. volunteers patrol the unincorporated areas of the county using specially marked golf carts and patrol cars acting as extra eyes and ears for law enforcement.

C.A.P. volunteers are provided with uniforms. Volunteers do not carry weapons and have no law enforcement powers. All C.A.P. volunteers are subjected to background checks and must participate a one day training session which is provided free by the Sheriff’s Office.

If you notice at the front entrance is a C.A.P. sign as well as one at Mockingbird, Eagles View, Partridge Pines and Regal Pointe. There are two C.A.P. units in the park. The first one is called Deer Creek and patrols Mockingbird. The second one, called Deer Creek ll, patrols Eagles View, Partridge Pines and Regal Pointe.

We are chartered by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. We cannot stop, give tickets, or stop any person or vehicle. We only observe and report any unusual circumstances we are able to see. The patrols usually last two hours and can be from early morning into late evening. We are very flexible in the schedules and will accommodate your needs and wishes.

We have foot patrols, bicycle patrols and golf cart patrols available. So if you are doing your walking, bicycle riding or golf cart riding during the day and would like to combine this patrol into that routine, then you can complete two things, one for yourself and one for your community.


We would like to see some volunteers from the communities of Eagle’s View, Regal Pointe, Regal Ridge and Osprey.

If you are interested in becoming a CAP member or have additional questions, please contact me at 863-420-8265 or you can email me at smdenter@gmail.com.