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Voting For Amendment To By-Laws – Message To All Corporate Members

The Board of Directors is currently in the process of obtaining a Liquor License so Deer Creek RV Golf & Country Club can open and run the Tiki Bar. Part of this process is a requirement to amend the By-Laws to allow this to happen. We are sending this email out to all Corporate Members, soliciting an email ballot from each Membership to get this approved. Two reasons for the email …Read More

Deer Creek : End of Season Board of Directors Update

May 24, 2017 We are into the summer season in Deer Creek. Many residents have left for the season including some of the Board Members. However, your Board will continue its work over the summer. In our effort to continue improving our communications with the residents we have assembled this brief message to let everyone know that work continues to improve Deer Creek for our residents. Communications will continue to …Read More